Real people – not politicians – endorse Susan

“The same attributes that have made Susan a successful accountant will make her a strong leader of our school system – professionalism, honesty, integrity, and a sound business approach to complex issues. She has a clear understanding of the relationship between our school system and the economic drivers in the Triangle.”

  • Sheila B. Ahler, CPA, Partner Cherry Bekaert and Holland, LLP.

“Susan will be an ideal school board member. She is a common sense decision maker with a passion for public education who cares about stability for families and strong academic programs for all students.”

  • Mary DePuew Kamm, local business person and civic leader.

“Susan will be a strong and positive leader who will maximize the use of taxpayer dollars in the classroom to close achievement gaps and foster success for all students in our public schools,”

  • Betsy Lovejoy, retired educator.

“Susan is very aware of the positive effect that a well-respected public school system has on the economic prosperity of a region. I know she will work tirelessly to keep Wake County an attractive place for businesses and families.”

  • Swadesh Chatterjee, business and community leader.

“No one will work harder than Susan to ensure that teachers receive the resources they need to excel in the classroom and to prosper professionally.”

  • Hardin Engelhardt, Parent and Former Teacher

“With Susan as our School Board representative, District 8 will finally have someone who will be actively engaged with parents, teachers, and administrators, conscientiously listening to our community, and acting on our behalf.”

  • Laura Broadbelt

“Susan will make sound, fiscally responsible decisions that consider the best interests of students and their families – as well as taxpayers and teachers. She will be dedicated to securing the funds needed to maintain excellence in our schools.”

  • Karla Diener

“Western Wake County continues to experience rapid growth. With Susan Evans on the School Board, I know that District 8 will finally have a representative who will advocate for the educational programs and facilities needed to keep our area attractive to families and businesses.”

  • Wray Stephens, Teacher and former School Board member, District 8

“I know Susan will champion the needs of all students, advocate relentlessly for resources needed to close the achievement gap, and bring out the best in everyone. She is truly a friend of teachers and students and their families.”

  • Jackie James Brown, Owner, James Rest Home and Community Leader

“Susan has the right priorities. She won’t leap into a new student assignment plan unless it meets the needs of families and is affordable for taxpayers.”

  • David Zonderman

“As educators with a deep commitment to the children of Wake County, we stand together to endorse Kevin Hill for District 3, Keith Sutton for District 4, Jim Martin for District 5, Christine Kushner for District 6, and Susan Evans for District 8 in the 2011 Wake County school board elections.”

  • Bob Bridges, former Wake County superintendent
  • Diane Payne, former principal, Broughton and Enloe High Schools
  • Grova Bridgers, former director of the Division of Charter Schools, NC Department of Public Instruction
  • Carolyn Cobb, former director, N.C. More at Four Prekindergarten Program
  • Diane Houston, former teacher, Northwoods Elementary School in Cary
  • J.B. Buxton, former deputy state superintendent, N.C. Department of Public Instruction
  • John Dornan, former head of NC Forum
  • Dudley Flood, former executive director, NC Association of School Administrators, and former Associate State Superintendent, NC Department of Public Instruction